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Dedicated Team

In the world of private jet transactions, trust forms the foundation of our operations. Trust that we've consciously nurtured over time.

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Much like our clientele, we pride ourselves on being one-of-a-kind. Our services are tailored to your requirements.

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Independent, Client-Focused and Bespoke

Our team is dedicated to guiding clients through the intricate process of aircraft transactions. We recognized a market gap for a client-centric service that offers transparent, independent, and reliable advice.

Drawing from 15 years of experience at our sister company, LunaJets, the European leader in private jet charter, we have established LunaSolutions with an unwavering commitment to the same core values.

Who We Are
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Your Partner

Our clients’ interests above our own

We advise individuals, corporations, governments, and more throughout every step of acquiring or selling single aircraft or entire fleets, ranging from turbo props to corporate airliners.

As a highly specialized and globally connected firm, we leverage cutting-edge information and technology tools to offer a personalized consultancy service that prioritizes our clients' interests above all else.

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