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What We Do

Your Partner


We provide guidance and support to a diverse clientele, including individuals, corporations, governmental organizations, and more, throughout the entire process of acquiring or selling single aircraft or entire fleets. From 4-seater very light jets to corporate airlines, our expertise spans the entire spectrum. As a highly specialized firm, we take pride in offering personalized consultancy services tailored to the unique needs of private jet buyers, sellers, and traders. Rest assured, our commitment to discretion is unwavering in all your transactions and dealings.


Transactions Built On Trust

In the realm of private jet transactions, trust is the cornerstone upon which relationships are forged. This trust is not given but earned over time through purposeful actions.

Our extensive business acumen, combined with a profound network of professional connections, including specialized aviation lawyers, aircraft inspectors, financing institutions, aircraft management operators, aircraft manufacturers, and fellow sales and acquisitions brokers, uniquely qualifies us to assist you in successfully navigating the complexities of aircraft sales and acquisitions.

It is in LunaSolutions’ DNA to always prioritise its clients’ interests above its own.

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Impartial Advice

When it comes to acquiring an aircraft, particularly for first-time buyers, clients rely on LunaSolutions for answers to specific questions that span from the type of ownership to refurbishments and operational considerations. Our team of aviation experts is here to navigate you through the decision-making process, offering guidance and timely, precise answers to all your inquiries.

Impartial Advice

  • Defining Your Needs

    Prior to acquiring a business jet, a critical initial step involves a comprehensive assessment of your requirements and your envisioned future utilization of the aircraft and its crew. Following this, we conduct a meticulous cost-benefit analysis to pinpoint the most suitable private jet model that aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

  • Operational Guidance

    LunaSolutions, leveraging its extensive global operator experience, is exceptionally positioned to provide valuable operational guidance for aircraft ownership. We provide comprehensive operational cost estimates based on real-time data. If you're considering chartering your aircraft, we can offer you practical, real-world forecasts on anticipated returns.

  • Personalisation & Enhancements

    Whether you're considering personalizing a factory-new plane or refurbishing a pre-owned aircraft, our team of aviation experts will be happy to steer you through these crucial and exciting decisions.

  • Fleet Assessment

    LunaSolutions is on hand to assess the fleet of individuals or organisations who own multiple aircraft in order to provide operational and financial advice to maximise the returns of such important investments.

  • Ownership Analysis

    LunaSolutions can assist you in comprehending the implications of various ownership structures, including full ownership, partnerships, and alternative ownership models.

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Selling Your Aircraft

LunaSolutions is your partner throughout the entire process of selling your aircraft. Said process begins with a comprehensive market analysis to formulate a strategic pricing strategy. Next, we design a tailored marketing plan, identify potential buyers, and skilfully negotiate on your behalf to secure the most advantageous agreement for you.

Selling Your Aircraft

  • Finding Potential Buyers

    LunaSolutions boasts a remarkable know-how in the aircraft sales market and has cultivated a highly dynamic and influential network of potential direct buyers. Whether you prefer a public marketing approach or a discreet 'off-market' sale, our sales team operates with the utmost respect for your privacy and discretion.

    Working closely with the aircraft operator and owner's representatives, LunaSolutions will compile all the essential documentation needed to present your aircraft to interested buyers. We meticulously craft comprehensive specifications and visuals, showcasing your aircraft's unique features and statistics to effectively market it.

  • Closing the Deal

    There are numerous details and timely actions that we will gladly handle for you in the final phase of the transaction, such as but not limited to:

    • Screening demands from potential buyers

    • Evaluating the validity of offers

    • Drafting contractual agreements

    • Establishing an escrow account

    • Coordinating pre-purchase inspections

    • Overseeing the de-registration process

    • Facilitating delivery arrangements

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Aircraft Acquisitions

At LunaSolutions, we exclusively act as your representative throughout every step of the acquisition process. We do so independently and transparently, ensuring there are no conflicts of interest.

Aircraft Acquisitions

  • Finding your aircraft

    We provide comprehensive support to governments, corporations, and individuals seeking to acquire aircraft, whether it's a factory-new model or a pre-owned plane. Utilizing cutting-edge market monitoring technologies and a team of highly trained analysts, we excel at locating the perfect aircraft for your needs.

    Our extensive network in the aviation sector and personal relationships built over 15 years gives us exclusive access to off-market aircraft that are not otherwise advertised.

    Our seasoned team, in collaboration with technical advisors, conducts a rigorous review and analysis of your desired aircraft, taking into account its current condition and history. This includes:

    • Scrutinising the aircraft's maintenance history

    • Auditing logbooks

    • Coordinating and supervising a pre-purchase inspection

    • Arranging a test flight

    • Recommending potential enhancements

  • Finalising the purchase of your aircraft

    With our extensive experience, we offer clients a precise market valuation of the aircraft and an impartial assessment of its future value. At LunaSolutions, you can rely on us to:

    • Negotiate the purchase price

    • Identify financing options

    • Review and refine contracts

    • Address and resolve last-minute issues

    • Oversee the legal process

    • Handle the registration process

    • Arrange delivery options anywhere in the world