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Dassault’s Falcon 6X Certification


Dassault’s Falcon 6X Receives EASA and FAA Certification, Paving Way for Imminent Entry into Service

A Rigorous Journey to Certification

In a significant milestone for Dassault Aviation and the broader aviation industry, the Falcon 6X received its type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on 22 August 2023.
Initially announced in 2017 to generate industry interest, the formal Falcon 6X programme was launched the following year, marking the onset of an intensive development and testing phase. The aircraft completed its first flight in March 2021 and further showcased its readiness and reliability with a global flight at the end of July 2022. The path to certification has been challenging, particularly as regulatory standards have become more stringent since the project’s initial announcement.

Features and Capabilities

Equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW812D engines—which themselves received type certification in December 2021—the Falcon 6X boasts impressive dimensions, featuring a wingspan of 25.9 metres, a length of 25.7 metres, and a height of 7.5 metres. With a range of 5,500 nautical miles (10,186 km), it can easily connect cities like Los Angeles to Geneva, Beijing to San Francisco, and São Paulo to London City Airport. The aircraft also offers strong fuel efficiency numbers, low cabin pressure, and a unique skylight above the kitchen for added passenger comfort.


Financial Outlook and Market Impact

During a press conference on 20 July 2023 for Dassault Aviation’s 2023 First Half-Year Results, Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO, provided valuable insights into the company’s plans. He hinted that the certification was expected to occur this summer and outlined the next steps.
Upon receiving the certification, Dassault Aviation will commission the aircraft and begin deliveries to its first clients. One of the key strategies for the launch of the new aircraft is the introduction of a demonstrator. This demonstrator will allow future clients to assess the Falcon 6X in flight, providing a tangible experience that is expected to significantly boost sales.
It should be noted that the model has already captured market interest, as evidenced by Dassault Aviation’s July financial release. The Falcon 6X is included among the 35 Falcon jets slated for delivery this year.

Setting the Stage for the Future

The dual certification from EASA and FAA marks a significant milestone for Dassault’s Falcon 6X, setting the stage for its imminent entry into service. As the first brand new business jet to meet the latest stringent regulations, the Falcon 6X is poised to redefine what long-range air travel can be.


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