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Who We Are



Our dedicated team is passionately committed to guiding clients through the intricate journey of buying or selling a private jet. Recognizing a clear gap in the market for a client-centric service characterized by transparency and impartiality, LunaSolutions emerged as a natural extension of LunaJets. With over 15 years of operation based on these fundamental values, LunaSolutions now exclusively champions our clients, offering completely independent expertise in private aviation. Our singular focus is to fulfil your unique needs.


Over 15 Years of Data

Leveraging Insights from Thousands of Transactions and Extensive Analysis

LunaSolutions sits at the heart of the private aviation market, harnessing the power of real-time data analysis gleaned from thousands of transactions annually. Our team serves as a vital nexus within the industry, maintaining close ties with numerous market leaders and key decision-makers.

Our wealth of market intelligence is driven by a synergy of data and human experience, encompassing:

  • Direct Access to End Users: We bridge the gap, ensuring direct connectivity.

  • In-Depth Operational Expertise: With fifteen years of hands-on experience, our team possesses an unmatched depth of operational knowledge.

  • Cost Per Hour Statistics: We provide valuable insights into cost-per-hour statistics, helping you make informed decisions.

  • Aircraft Manufacturer and Model Popularity Index: Stay ahead with our comprehensive index tracking aircraft manufacturer and model popularity.

  • Operators' Service Ratings: Benefit from our privileged access to top-rated operators in the industry.

  • Neutral Positioning: LunaSolutions maintains an unwaveringly neutral stance, affording us a legitimate and objective perspective.

  • Continuous Market Vigilance: We are dedicated to constant market monitoring, ensuring you are always informed and equipped to make strategic choices.

Benefiting from
thousands of transactions,
data and analysis

  • Privately Owned

    Because LunaSolutions is a private company and is not tied to any third party, we can conduct business with any and all partners around the globe.

  • Independent & market neutral

    LunaSolutions is committed to maintaining its independence and neutrality. Our sole dedication is to provide advisory services to our clients, and we only accept compensation from them.

  • Transparent & customer-centric

    Although LunaSolutions operates independently and is not directly affiliated with aircraft manufacturers or operators, our unique positioning grants us privileged access to these influential industry stakeholders, as well as potential buyers. Over the course of a decade dedicated to serving our clients, we have built strong relationships and are approached by customers seeking assistance in acquiring or selling a business jet. This customer-centric approach underscores our commitment to providing exceptional service.

LunaSolutions' unwavering commitment to independence, marked by a distinct absence of affiliation with any specific aircraft manufacturer or operator, positions us as a formidable partner for our clients. This history ensures that we remain free from any conflicts of interest, allowing us to maintain an objective perspective.

Alain Leboursier Group Managing Director

Executive Committee


Eymeric Segard - CEO & Founder

Eymeric founded the sister company LunaJets in 2007 and transformed it into the leader in the private jet charter market with eight offices globally, organising more than 12,000 flights in 2022, generating over $150m revenue.

In 2019, recognizing the growing demand from clients seeking assistance in aircraft acquisitions and trading, coupled with a desire to explore new horizons in the private aviation sector, Eymeric launched LunaSolutions. Leveraging his background in economics, with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University, and his fluency in five languages, Eymeric Segard continues to lead the way in shaping the future of private aviation.


Alain Leboursier - Group Managing Director

Alain joined our group more than decade ago. Over the years, he has progressed from roles in sales and development to his current position as Global Managing Director. In his current capacity, he is dedicated to further enhancing our aircraft transaction business, serving private and publicly listed companies, along with governments and financial institution.

Alain's educational background further enriches his professional profile, having earned a BSc. in International Hospitality Management with a minor in Finance from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. This unique combination of client-focused dedication and a keen eye for numbers underscores his role as a driving force within the organization.


Tomás Camprubi - Managing Director UK

Tomas joined the Group from a high-end real estate private equity background and he now successfully manages our London Office. His extensive experience and relationships with UHNWI, coupled with his expertise in debt and equity raising, add a valuable layer of expertise to our team.