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Dubai Airshow 2023


The Dubai Airshow 2023, set to take place from November 13th to 17th at Dubai World Central (DWC), Dubai Airshow Site, promises an exceptional showcase of cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking innovations in the aerospace and defence industries. This prestigious event offers exclusive access to game-changing insights, unrivalled networking opportunities with global influential leaders, and awe-inspiring aircraft displays in the sky.

This year's edition comes with exciting new features and returns of favorites, such as VISTA - the startup hub, featuring over 300 all-star speakers, nine industry tracks, and an expanded range of networking prospects. As both the aerospace and defence sectors strive for net-zero emissions, the Dubai Airshow 2023 will serve as the ultimate platform for industry players to convene and introduce solutions aimed at advancing these critical economic sectors toward sustainability.
The event aligns with the United Nations' annual global climate change conference, COP28, also hosted in Dubai later in the year, providing a unique opportunity for industry leaders to showcase their latest solutions for achieving net-zero emissions, fostering collaborations, and gaining valuable insights.

A significant challenge in aviation is the need to massively increase Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production to meet targets of 30 billion litres by 2030 and 450 billion litres by 2050 for airlines to achieve net-zero emissions. Currently, SAF production falls far short of demand, prompting innovation and investment. The Dubai Airshow 2023 spotlights technologies driving the industry towards net-zero emissions. Leading companies like Airbus and Honeywell are dedicated to decarbonisation, exploring hydrogen-powered aircraft and low-carbon aviation fuel production.

Sustainability is indeed at the forefront of discussions at the Dubai Airshow. With Boeing as the host sponsor for the Aerospace 2050 stage, the event provides a platform for industry experts to address sustainable challenges and opportunities. Visitors can expect to gain valuable insights and explore a variety of technologies, innovations, and initiatives that will shape the future of aerospace sustainability.

LunaSolutions is always thrilled to take part in the Dubai Airshow. As experts in the aviation industry with an office in Dubai, our team is dedicated to answer any questions and provide insights into aircraft transactions. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with us.

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