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After a four year absence, the 54th edition of the Paris Air Show soared back into action, serving as a vital nexus for reunions, dialogue, and innovation for professionals in the aerospace sector. The event, held at Le Bourget, showcased the industry’s dynamic ecosystem, boasting 2,498 exhibitors, 300 start-ups, 293,000 visitors, and 1,850 journalists. The international stature of the Paris Air Show was underscored by the attendance of 322 official delegations from over 100 countries, along with a visit from the French President and key members of the French government.

In terms of business impact, the Show was a prodigious success, with almost $150 billion worth of contracts inked, affirming its status as a crucial hub for business opportunities and high-level engagements. The vast array of special events heightened the Show’s appeal. The Paris Air Lab focused on the pressing issue of air transport decarbonation and was met with significant enthusiasm. Paris Air Mobility, a new flagship initiative, assembled global pioneers in urban air mobility, providing a glimpse into the future of short-distance air travel.


The Paris Air Show 2023 left an indelible mark on the world of private aviation with its spotlight on innovation and excellence. One standout moment during the event was Dassault’s impressive demonstration flight of the Falcon 6X. Launched in 2018 and set to enter service in 2023, this exceptional aircraft had already achieved a major milestone with its maiden flight in March 2021, paving the way for certification. The Falcon 6X, designed for both everyday tasks and long-haul journeys covering 5,500 nautical miles, truly redefines the flying experience. This remarkable aircraft exemplifies the innovation showcased at the Paris Air Show and sets new standards for luxury and functionality in private aviation.

In summary, the 2023 Paris Air Show was not merely an exhibition but a holistic experience that combined business, innovation, and public engagement. It solidified its role as the pinnacle event in the aerospace industry, reflecting the undying passion that fuels this ever-evolving sector.


LunaSolutions marks its presence at the Paris Air Show, an event central to the aerospace industry. With an office in Paris, our expert team is on hand to engage with attendees on aircraft transactions and related topics. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with us for further information and requests.

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