What We Do

A independent firm offering private aviation expertise.

We accompany individuals, corporations, governmental organisations and many more through every step of acquiring or selling a single aircraft or fleet from a 4-seater very light jet to corporate airlines. As a highly specialised firm we are able to offer personalised consultancy services to private jet buyers, sellers and traders. For all transactions and dealings, you can count on our utmost discretion.

Transactions based on trust

LunaSolutions is built on a decade-long foundation of corporate aviation history. Broad business acumen coupled with deep professional connections (specialised aviation lawyers, aircraft inspectors, financing institutions, aircraft management operators, aircraft manufacturers, other sales and acquisitions brokers) make us particularly qualified to help you complete the sale or acquisition of your aircraft.
The world of private jet transactions is largely based on relationships of trust. Trust that has been purposefully earned over time
- Alain Leboursier, Sales & Acquisition Director


Before acquiring an aircraft—especially for the first time—clients turn to LunaSolutions with specific questions ranging from type of ownership, to refurbishments, onto operational options. Our aviation experts will guide and advise you through the decision-making process and provide timely and precise answers to all your queries.

Aircraft Sales

LunaSolutions will accompany you through the entire process of selling your aircraft. The initial step in the sales process will be for us to provide you with the market price of your private jet. We will then work hand in hand with you to elaborate appropriate marketing strategies, find interested buyers and negotiate on your behalf the final transaction.

Aircraft Acquisition

At LunaSolutions we solely represent you at every step of the acquisition process, independently and transparently, with no conflict of interest.