Who We Are

Our team is often involved in helping clients throuhought the complex process of buying or selling a private jet, we identified a need in the market for a client focused service in transparency and neutrality.
As LunaJets had already operated for 11 years under these same core values, LunaSolutions was launched to solely represent our client, providing fully independent private aviation expert advice, aimed at answering their needs.

A solid track record in private aviation

Eymeric Segard, Founder and CEO of LunaJets and LunaSolutions, has over a decade of experience in private aviation. Last year alone, his air charter brand organised over 6,000 flights and is now the number one, independent private jet booking company in Europe. While headquartered in Geneva, 85% of LunaJets flights take place outside of Switzerland, illustrating the global scope of the company.
LunaSolutions is to benefit from LunaJets' extensive market intelligence and experience, including:

  • deep operational knowledge
  • ten years of data
  • cost per hour statistics
  • aircraft manufacturer and model popularity index
  • operators’ service ratings and privileged access to the best ones, and
  • a neutral positioning

that confer to LunaSolutions a legitimate and objective point of view.

LunaSolutions can also provide clients looking to acquire an aircraft with realistic financial forecasts as to what revenues can be generated through renting their jet.

With over 6,000 flights organised last year, LunaJets leads the industry
Privately Owned

Because LunaSolutions is a private company and is not tied to any third party, we can conduct business with any and all partners around the globe.
Independent & market neutral

LunaSolutions wishes to remain independent and neutral. It is dedicated solely to advising its client and will only accept compensation from our clients.
Transparent and customer-centric

While LunaSolutions is not affiliated to any aircraft manufacturers nor operators, we have a privileged access to these key players as well as to potential buyers. Thanks to a decade of client services, we are frequently approached by our customers interested in acquiring or selling a business jet.
Our history of independence and of never having been affiliated with a particular aircraft manufacturer or operator, makes LunaSolutions a powerful partner for clients. We do not have any conflicts of interest and will always retain an objective point of view.
— Eymeric Segard, CEO & Founder

An international team at your service

From offices in Geneva, Paris and London, the Sales Experts of LunaSolutions operate around the globe.
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Eymeric Segard
CEO & Founder

Eymeric founded LunaJets in 2007 reselling empty leg flights. Since 2008 and an expansion into the charter market, the company has enjoyed 35% of compounded annual growth. Eymeric’s innovative mindset, multinational perspective and customer-centric focus has transformed LunaJets from a two-person start-up into a global brand that organises over 6,000 annual flights. In 2019, Eymeric launched LunaSolutions to address growing requests from clients for help in aircraft acquisitions and trading, and a desire to explore new venues in the private aviation segment. Eymeric obtained his BA in Economics from Brown University and speaks five languages fluently.
Alain Leboursier
Sales & Acquisition Director

Alain has seven years of experience in private aviation. Since 2017 he holds the position of Head of Sales at LunaJets. Under his leadership, Alain virtually doubled the size of LunaJets’ commercial team and its revenue. While Alain has a natural ability to understand and interact with HNWIs of all cultures, he is also the first to roll up his sleeves to solve a problem with his team. Alain received his BSc. in International Hospitality Management from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne with a minor in Finance, making him both client-focused and numbers driven.